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Return to Play Updates

We will update this page with all the Return to Play updates, please also check the Softball BC website

Softball is Back!

We are excited to announce that Softball BC has issued its return to play plan – here is a link to the plan:  Under the plan, once we have the official go ahead from Softball BC in coming days, teams will be allowed to practice for the remainder of June, with in-club games beginning no sooner than July 1st.  Learn to Play will start no earlier than June 17th and  we will be communicating the specific plan for this group shortly.  Under the Softball BC plan there will be no games for Learn to Play this season – they will focus on fun skill development.  For U10 and up, subsequent steps, such as games against teams from outside our district will be announced as they occur, and obviously it is expected that the season will be extended beyond its normal end date, though again exact details of this will be determined as things go along. 

Happily, the plan is a good mix of safety precautions around the game, while not changing any of the actual in-game playing rules.  Practice and game times will be staggered to avoid too many people coming and going from the field at the same time.  Everyone arriving at the field will be required to have their name and contact information recorded by an association Attendance Tracker, and to answer some basic screening questions regarding COVID-19 symptoms and exposure.  Once at the field, everyone including players, coaches and spectators will be required to maintain physical distancing when not involved in game play where contact is unavoidable.  Distancing Monitors will be in place to make sure physical distancing is being maintained, and sanitizing of players’ hands and equipment will be done regularly.  Everyone attending our fields will be expected to obey posted signage and the direction of association representatives.  Attached to this email are two excerpts from the Softball BC Return to Play plan: sections entitled “Player Role” and “Parent/Spectator Role” – please familiarize yourself with these before returning to the park. Once games do start at the beginning of July, play will be according to our normal rules.

If you have any questions regarding the return to play please email

We look forward to seeing you on the diamond!


Return to Play Waivers

Please fill in and get back to us as soon as possible as your daughter/son will not be allowed on the field until it is signed.

Volunteers and Coaches must complete these forms as well.

Those who have elected not to play do not have to complete the forms.

Please email all forms to our First VP Corrina Taylor 

**Note that teams will not be allowed on the field until their rosters have been approved by Softball BC, and rosters will not be approved until everyone (players and volunteers) on a given roster has signed the Softball BC declaration and waiver.  Given how much of the season we have already missed, we are asking that if your child intends to play and you haven't already done so, you sign and return the attached waiver and declaration to by the end of day Friday, June 12th  so that our registrar can upload rosters and we can get back on the field as soon as possible.  Players will be able to be added to rosters after they are approved, but this will likely be a longer process, so it would be preferable to have all kids on the rosters when they are submitted.

Refunds for 2020 Season

Langford Fastball respects every family and player’s right to choose whether they participate this season given the current circumstances. 


If you and your child elect not to play this season your refund/credit options are: 


1) full credit for next season

2) refund of fees paid minus 25% to cover costs already incurred by the association


3) donate registration fee to LMF


All refunds will be processed starting June 30th.


Please Contact Nicole at


COVID Season Q & A

Questions and Answers 

We will do our best to answer questions that we anticipate are on many people's minds.  

I am hopeful we will have a season, even if its shortened, or delayed, what do I need to do?   

Nothing, other than, watch for future communications and keep your glove worked in, we will keep you rostered, and we have your uniform ready to go...(by the way - we are hopeful too!)

If June 1 comes and goes, does that mean the season won't happen?  

No, every association across BC is looking at alternatives to run a season for 6-8 weeks into the summer and perhaps even the early fall for playoffs. LMF has the fields booked until September 30th and the City of Langford has been excellent with alowing use of the fields when we ask for them, even if that time overlaps with something else. We recognize that children's sport is a critical part of the community experience; our purpose is to connect our community under a common interest. 

I would like my child to play this year, but based on economic circumstances due to COVID-19, I don't think it's financially feasible, is there anything you can do?  

Yes, we can, and we want to. We recognize that this current situation has created financial stress for many people, and in some cases, children's activities may not be manageable, we will help. If you or someone you know is dealing with financial hardship, have them email .

Does LMF need any help, given the ever-changing environment and the number of things that need to be done?   

We do, we have a strong and committed Board, but we are always looking for passionate advocates who are willing to give up some of their time to help improve the experience for everyone. If you are interested in getting involved, please email

We would love to have you join us.

I had signed up for the Learn to Play Program (U6/U8), should I assume that will be cancelled?  

No, in fact, we think that many parents will be looking for ways to get their children outside, active and engaged, so if you have friends or neighbours who have kids that might need an outlet, please have them contact our Learn to Play Director Kyla Pelletier

I have some questions, or I would like to provide some feedback to LMF, how should I do that?  

We recognize that many people will have questions, and we are intent on creating an open and transparent dialogue with everyone. We have a dedicated team of executive members and we are committed to responding promptly and honestly. Please contact the director of your age level or our President/VPs and we will get back to you as soon as possible.